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C-Tech Services Pty Ltd is an Australian company, established in 1993, and developed specifically to offer specialist services to the Water and Waste Water Industry with particular emphasis in Disinfection, and Acquisition of Water Quality Data. C-Tech Services is ASES accredited and comply to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and AS 4801:2001 standards.

All members of our company draw upon many years of experience in both the application, monitoring and control methods used throughout the industry, with disinfectants such as Chlorination both gas and liquid, Chloramination, UV and Chlorine Dioxide. With formal training at the Water Training Centre - Deakin University Geelong, and various other Courses, our Field Technicians all carry industry accredited skills.

As practicing Operators, our knowledge and experience is well tested. The ability to pass on our skills and knowledge is evident in the products we offer for Sale. In any given week, as Disinfection Plant Managers, a minimum of 30 different Water Authority Disinfection Plants are visited and maintained to meet stringent performance criteria requirements

You can be assured, that the Equipment and Service activities offered, have been tried, refined and proven, and reflect a devotion and determination to achieve the best outcome every time.

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